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Valls: Home of the Calçot

"Valls is your typical Catalan town, a tiny poblet of 25,000 people, in the province of Tarragona. A small plaza sits in the shadow of the medieval church staked at its center. Its steeple rises high above the modest two story buildings that make up the town. The day we visited the flags were flying high, a bright dash of color against the cloud-mottled sky. The yellow and red bars of the Catalan flag sat solidly next to the city flag signifying the way the regional pride is part of the local identity there.Valls is considered the true home of the calçot, the Catalan spring onion that’s the source of great pride among locals, and we were there to experience their annual calçotada–a spring onion festival–that falls on the last weekend in January. It’s one of those wildly festive days where the entire town turns out to join the celebration."

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