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Island Life: Balearics in the City


"Besides the beaches, another major attraction of the islands is the food. While Balearic restaurants may be in short supply here, there are a few establishments dotted around the city where islanders can get their fix. Na Mindona is one such place. The Na is short for ‘ca na’, meaning ‘en casa’ in Mallorquín, and that’s exactly how it feels—like a small slice of home. Tucked away in the Raval, Na Mindona is a favourite of Barcelona’s Mallorcan residents, who swear by the authenticity of the market-fresh dishes, such as tumbet (a ratatouille-like dish that comprises layers of aubergine, courgette and potato in a rich tomato sauce) and frit mallorquí (a hash of fried lamb, potatoes and onions).  

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